The Match is OVER !! Thanks to our sponsors who gave us alot of great products to get in the hands of you the shooters. They make the awards possible ! Thanks to our RO Staff, Greg Coker, Lance Bowling, Chris Campbell, Rusty Edwards, Mike Welch, Mike Thomas, Alan Shepherd, Rick & Sue Vanblaricum, Teddy Adams, Lance Jennings, Sam Keen, Terry Godfery and John McMahon. Once again our scores were done by Scott Craig Who didn't shoot but has for the past two years taken on the responsibility of maintaining order in the stats room. If you've never worked a match you need to work with 3 gun. The level of attention they have to devote to keep all things running safe and effecient is miles above any other match. The match couldnt run without the folks giving their time and alot of energy to you the shooters. We will have some photos of the match and video on this page soon. Again thanks for attending the match. It was a blast putting it all together. If anyone has any complaints or things they'd like to see changed please feel free to email or call me. E mail or call 615 390 7478 .. Match Results
Muscle Products, FP - 10BlackhawkAdvanced Performance ShootingSpencer Rifle
STI FirearmsOlympic ArmsSierra bulletsStorm Lake Machine
Tennessee Guns IncTrijicon Self Lumious Aiming SystemOtis TechnologyThe Robar Companies
DPMS Panther ArmsXS Sights
Stage 1 Maytag repeir time
Stage 2 Girl Scout Cookie Sale gone bad
Stage 3 I'm Strong I'm Weak
Stage 4 Altered States
Stage 5 & 6 Missing Shotgun and Pistol
Stage 7 Who's your buddy
which is YOUR no shoot
We hear he has a Web Cam and quit his day job .